My Queen

So it is I've fallen in love
With one who is my Queen
Thrice crowned is She
By Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Through all eternity


Imagine this my Queen
Crowned thrice by the
Holy Trinity loves me
How can this be
She loves one such as me


Called to be loved by Thee, My Queen
My heart I give to thee
Thou givest Thy love so freely
 And receives my love completely
 Imagine this, can this really be


My Queen really loves me
 Thou receivest my love completely
And magnifies me, little me
Before Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
As thy own little one
You share Your Heavenly Court
With one such as me, how can this be
For all eternity, little me
to be received by Thee, my Queen
Amongst Thy heavenly Court


While radiant angels and blissful saints
Sing in accord a glorious Ave and more
My Queen, who is so loved as Thee
For none can compare
Thou art crowned Queen above all


As to be the difference between
Here and there
So treasured are Thee
For Behold All Generations Shall
Call Thee blessed.


How wonderful and yet can this really be
That one such as Thee could
Truly love me
My Queen, who receives perfect love
So completely


Loves me shining ever bright
Above all creation
 God's perfect mirror, imagine, loves me
Delighting the heavenly court with ways more
Numerous than all the stars


All the angels and saints the whole heavenly court
delight in Her sight
Nothing of creation compares
Words are as helpless as a flightless bird
Oh, Queen, so divine that Thou are truly mine
And I completely Thine YES - yes - yes
how perfect and complete is thy mercy.