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Pray with me, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. Invoking the Holy Spirit 3 times, that His truth and peace might reign in our hearts and in our minds.

Come Holy Ghost, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary thy well beloved spouse. (X3)

Sunday, February 26th 2012 shortly after sunrise I had a vision, a brilliant flash of white light. At first I thought “Am I going blind? What is this?” Then I understood that I was seeing the core of white light flashing out from a nuclear explosion.

For nearly 18 years now I have been pleading with all who would hear me on behalf of Heaven for more of the faithful to pray the Rosary. Out of order, out of order, out of order, everything out of order. This was part of a message I received in 1993. At the time I didn’t understand it. Today, I am sad to say an eighth grader can see everything out of order. I know even now prayer can change everything. The question is who will pray, that is who will pray the Rosary while there is still time?

The Mother of God can save us, but only if we respond by praying the Rosary. The Rosary will enrich our hearts that through Mary’s heart our prayers will be found pleasing.

Jack Marie

Political Correctness

The video link below was forwarded to me. It is a must see:

The Cry Of The Poor

“I am the truth, the way, and the light. Anyone who follows me does not walk in darkness.” Slow to anger but righteous is our God. The blood of the innocents calls out to heaven for justice. Doctor Steven Chase Brigham, notorious abortionist, was arrested and charged with murder along with his partner in crime, Doctor Nicola Riley, and has been charged with murder related to the deaths of viable babies at an illegal secret abortion clinic that the couple operated in Elkton, MD. Brigham is currently in custody at the Camden county jail in New Jersey and Riley is in custody of the Salt Lake county jail in Utah. Both are awaiting extradition to Maryland. Brigham was charged with five counts of first degree murder and five counts of second degree murder. Riley was charged with one count of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder.

Remember the words of Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The price of abortion is nuclear war.

If you want more detail on this, you can go to:

Where Are You?

Today at mass in our parish, our beautiful Pastor gave a homily. He touched on comparison between our government today and the government of Stalin. He told us a story of his visit to Moscow, Russia and how in St. Peter’s square a great building project was taking place. He inquired as to the nature of the construction and was told that the government was paying for and rebuilding the cathedral of the Incarnation. Stalin communism and socialism ripped the church down but nothing was ever rebuilt on the ground. And so the Lord had preserved that ground so the Cathedral could be rebuilt on its original spot. The tour guide said the government realized that the great people of Russia had lost their spirit and were suffering from great moral degeneration. They recognized the error of Stalinism and tried to correct it by rebuilding the church.

While at the same time here in America, our confused an delusional leaders, especially those in the Democratic party, starting with President Obama and down to the local elected officers, are squeezing truth out. Pretending to be Christian, this pack of wolves, stone by stone, is trying to tear down the church in America. Homosexuality, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, on and on. If it is immoral, they condone it. Where are you Holy Mother Church? Why do you cower? Why do you hide? Come out from your offices. Leave the church. Defend the truth! This democratic party which once was my own is corrupted. Soon they will be extending the hate crimes act to deny the truth of sin. We will not be able to tell homosexuals or abortionists that they are sinners. The churches are emptying because the sheep are not properly being fed. “Feed My Sheep.”

With Love,
Jack Marie Smith

Returning from Conyers

I have just returned from a 4 day event in Conyers. GA. It was a wonderful event. It was so good to be back there on the 20th anniversary date of my first apparition on October 13, 1991. The Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church which is on the same grounds as the apparition center has been finished and is so beautiful. The icons adorning the interior of the sanctuary are inspiring. I encourage everyone to visit and pray in this holy church.

Many, many healings took place during our exhortation and prayer. We had the highest number of spontaneous and miraculous healings I have ever experienced and even more will be revealed as time goes on. A gentleman named Danielle was suffering from loss of balance and hearing from a bacterial infection that destroyed his inner ear. He received an instant healing and he did not believe it. He thought it was psychological. When he got home he knelt down and prayed the 15 decade rosary. Daniel told me that he wept during the rosary and it was the most beautiful rosary he had prayed in his life. Daniel was finally convinced when he gave himself the heat-to-toe sobriety test and was able to walk around his house without losing his balance.

Now get this right! The healing is wonderful. Some day Daniel will be before God and only then will he appreciate the glory of that Holy Rosary that he prayed. I pray for everyone’s well being. I have compassion for you unemployed, single parents trying to raise the family. Distraught mothers suffering because their children are in sin. You who mourn over the loss of a child, you hardened hearts, and yes, all those suffering from a reign of illnesses, no matter what they might be. From a simple tooth ache to a deadly cancer, or a paralyzing neurological dysfunction, through the heart of Mary, our loving Mother, and with boldness and trust I dare to call on the name of Jesus for all of your illnesses and needs, whatever they might be and I am grateful for all the healings. But I am most excited when I hear a story like Daniel’s story of tears, of Joy, and of Love in his Rosary.

We will be begin posting testimonials on the web site, both past and present, to begin sharing the wealth of healings and miraculous events that have surrounded the work that God has called me to do.

My dear little brother, Ferdinand Roccanti, is alive and well. He is very sad. He had hoped that the Lord would take him on the 13th of October but to the joy of those who love him, Ferdinand is still with us.

I thank everyone for their prayers and support and I look forward to praying with all those who will attend the healing service and Rosary in Houma, LA. Please see the calendar for more information.

Jack Marie

Your Choice, Justice or Mercy

Mother Theresa - “The price of abortion is nuclear war.”

Vice President Joseph Biden, Senator Casey, and Congresswoman Pelosi,

Shame on you! On one hand you wear the badge of a catholic and at the same time you promote the most grievous sins of our modern age. You go to receive the Holy Eucharist professing to believe in the true presence of Jesus Christ and then you promote abortion, sodomy, same sex marriage, and euthanasia. You and your fellows are only fooling yourself. It will appear as a mere moment and you will all find yourself standing before the just judge who takes no bribes. What do you think awaits you, you hypocrites, you deceivers, you murderers? The evil one will stand by your side and accuse you before the just judge. Who will defend you? Your hands will be blood stained with the blood of the aborted babies and the filth of the sins you promote. If you continue on your ways, if you refuse to repent and amend your life, you surely will be cast away. You have no idea what awaits souls that have this magnitude of sin and fail to repent. Do not think that at the last moment before you die that you will repent. Do not be so foolish to think that God cannot take you in a moment, denying you the opportunity to repent. God desires to give mercy. He came for us sinners. I do not put myself before you or above you. Know for sure that God loves you and desires you to be with him for all eternity. He does not wish you death and destruction, but if you continue in this way, surely you will bring this upon yourself.

And of you, you Holy Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. You who are silent who continue to let these souls go uncorrected, what do you think awaits you?

“Feed My Sheep”

Servant of God
Jack Marie Smith

Initial Blog Post

I am excited to be making my first post to this blog. It is a new venture for me to use to spread our Lord’s message more frequently as it is revealed.

The signs of the times are about us. The severe weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, hurricanes, famine and wars are all biblical in origin. God in His mercy has revealed to me “NOW IS THE TIME”. The great chastisement is on us and will continue to grow in severity, intensity and frequency. Make no mistake that this is not about you or me. This is about the corrective action of the living God.

Abortion, Same Sex marriage, Sodomy and Euthanasia are as a great black cloud of sin rising up before God. It is unacceptable that Cardinals, Bishops and Priests are not out leading the faithful against the legalization of these sins. The prophecy of Garabandal is being fulfilled. Political correctness is not what Jesus was about.

Prayer is the foundation for action in the spirit. Jesus said “Pick up your cross and follow me daily.” It is an abomination even to vote for any person who supports abortion. Any politician who supports abortion and those who vote for them, jeopardizes their immortal soul to the fires of hell for all eternity.

Once more, all Cardinals, Bishops and Priests in leadership of the Catholic Church who fail to speak frequently and fervently on these issues to correct the tens of thousands of people who vote for these candidates jeopardize their own souls to the fires of hell. Silence is not an excuse. “Feed my Sheep”.

Moral degradation abounds. Repent while there is still daylight.

Jack Marie Smith
Servant of God