Jack Marie Smith is a man who has said "YES" to God with a pure heart. More than that, he's had the great grace to unite his "Yes" with the purest heart of Our Loving Mother.  For as Jack has said many times, "I go to Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of His Mother and thereby enter deeper into the Heart of Jesus than ever possible on my own." Jack’s experiences are meant to be nothing more and nothing less than a testimony to this truth.

This is one man and his family's witness that is but one echo of the many personal witnesses that make up the Conyers story. It is a story of God's tremendous love for us and the role of His Mother in the economy of salvation. Our Loving Mother, whose Immaculate Heart beats as one with the Sacred Heart of her Son, invites us to unite our hearts with hers and to consecrate our hearts to her so that she may present us to her Son united with her own heart.

The rosary is Jack's constant companion even while he is sleeping and he is always exhorting us all to pray the fifteen decade Rosary daily. The rosary, the rosary, always the rosary - he is telling us, it's the short, sure way to Jesus. It enhances our souls to partake more fully in all of the sacraments. When you read of his heavenly trips and Mother's rosaries, you will appreciate more fully the message he brings.

Jack's motto is "I don't place any expectations on the day other than, getting to Mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. I stay centered on Jesus and keep Him in my whole day so that no matter what happens, it's OK, because Jesus is with us." This, I think, sums up his philosophy and the message he brings. The best way to cooperate with God is to come without expectations, and offer ourselves to Him through Mary, saying, "Whatever you want Jesus, so be it, no matter what our state of life is."

How did all this come about? It started very simply! Jack's sister Karen told him about the apparitions in Conyers, Georgia. Inspired by his memory of Our Lady of Fatima, he was convinced that if the Blessed Mother was in Conyers then that's where he would be. Jack's call is different than most. When he uttered his "Yes" that day in Conyers, he was on extended vacation, planning to take the year off to travel and do some personal things, so his state of life was in neutral. He had both the time and the money. That first year began in May of 1990.

Jack has never returned to work. He lives by faith. His financial resources have been exhausted for some time. He does this to be available. On many  occasions, he has spent time in prison defending the unborn and is always available for prayer in hospitals, jails, or wherever called upon. What is his is yours. From time to time he has come under criticism for not holding a regular job. This never bothers him. He says attacks are always a good test as to where you are with Jesus. Can you love the attacker? Can you forgive the attack? If the answers are yes - you're on the right track. It must be noted that Jack's family never wants for anything although they are always stretched out financially to the point that if they were to miss a payment they would lose their home, their auto or whatever.  Despite this there is peace and harmony in his home.

He says everything works right because first my wife loves Jesus then she loves me and the family. Everything else can wait! In this unity there is real strength and sense of direction. We cannot have this type of unity if we start to think we're doing anything. As soon as we begin to think like that we get in the way of God's plan. That is why Jack is always saying, "The important thing is to stay little. The moment I think I'm doing something myself I'm in trouble. Just as we have nothing to do with our existence, so we cannot give life to anything we do on this earth by ourselves. I did not set out to have a healing apostolate and write a book. In a thousand years this would never happen, no matter how hard I worked or prayed. I would never in my wildest imagination picture myself living like this, doing what I do day after day if it were not for God's great mercy and the powerful intercession of Our Loving Mother."

I've heard it said in Conyers that a pilgrimage begins the moment that the pilgrim takes to his heart the desire to make the pilgrimage. What calls a man to be a pilgrim? There are many reasons, probably as many as there are pilgrims. As for me, the ingredients were simple.  It was a mix of love, fear and hope. The plan was simple also. Having heard of the apparitions in Conyers and believing only Heaven could help us, there was only one sensible alternative. A pilgrimage to Conyers must be the answer. So you can readily understand this was not about taking a vacation, nor was it a curiosity trip. From the very beginning we were pilgrims in search of a place where Heaven and earth meet in a most unique way. I had been prepared to be this pilgrim long, long ago.

I am grateful to my dear mother, Veronica Smith. As the oldest of eight children, my earliest memories of her take me back to my bedside as a little boy praying with her. From the very earliest memories of my life, the light of faith was lit. I must confess there were times in my life when it would be hard to see the light, times even when I wanted to hide the light. The battle between light and darkness ebbed from victory to seeming defeat. One of the most profound spiritual experiences of my youth occurred after receiving my first Holy Communion. Having been inspired to please Jesus, I found it offensive whenever I heard profanity, any profanity, but especially offenses against the Holy Name of Jesus. One day while walking down the street I heard some older boys swearing. Troubled by this, I went home to my mother and asked her what I should do. I can still recall her physical presence before me. It was that of a beautiful young mother, as she spoke a short prayer to me and charged me with a wonderful inspiration to say a short prayer of reparation whenever this would happen. So it was that my mother began forming me in the spirit of reparation, preparing me for that great pilgrimage
of life. From that moment on, right into my own adulthood, the practice of
prayerful reparation became part of my life.

When I think of these moments, one in particular returns to me vividly. The moment comes to life and the very scent of that beautiful summer afternoon fills me. The instant that I looked into the sun soaked clouds, the words of the prayer rang in my ear: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen. Wow! I was overwhelmed with awe. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen. What's this beginning and world without end stuff. The Holy Ghost had struck. The Holy fear of God had entered my life. What a great gift it has been. As a little boy praying for my friends and strangers, I did not dream or think in my wildest imagination that the day would come that I would fall into the darkness of sin. How great was the gift I had received but yet how far from God's ways would I go.

That young boy grew to be a large, physically powerful man who would be willing to defend the weak, but would despise weakness in himself, especially fear of any kind. God had a plan. His plan would include fear, fear of God. For me, holy fear of God would be an important part of His plan. True fear of God would become an important part of my life, but not as great as the inspired virtues of love and hope that had been placed in my heart as a young boy.

From the moment of our conception, we are called to be nothing less than holy. Some souls are brought into this world, into families that are living vibrant branches of the vine of Christ. Others are not as blessed.  America, the home of the brave and the land of the free.  America, the land that claims "In God We Trust".  America, the land that claims the holy waters of Christian Baptism has turned her face away from her heritage. To those that much is given, much is expected. It seemed as though our personal lives and our family life were mirroring the condition of our country. Everything was out of
whack, but we were trying.

The Blessed Mother was waiting for us there in Conyers as she is waiting for you too. She is also waiting for America to respond to Her call. God had bestowed upon us, individually and collectively as a family, many graces. For graces to bear fruit we must cooperate with them.  The practice of cooperating with these graces brings about our conversion. Conversion is a process that is not finished till our last breath is drawn and the last beat of our heart has ceased. We are all held accountable.

The intention and purpose of this web site is to give an accurate account of my personal experiences with Jesus and Our Loving Mother as an encouragement and inspiration to all who visit.